BLACKSHEEP is a brand that believes in building a better tomorrow, one small act at a time.

Believe it or not, something as simple as buying second-hand actually does a great deal to promote a more sustainable future.  Reducing demand for new apparel manufacturing (the second-most highly polluting industry in the world), which in turn reduces the demand for cotton production,  means less pesticides are being sprayed into our environment.  By purchasing second hand, you are reducing the amount of waste we create by giving new life to unwanted clothing, and supporting local community organizations, charities and business owners all at the same time.

When you breakdown the results of that one small act, you can’t help but feel proud, excited, and empowered to commit more small acts that ripple out into the universe like shockwaves of change.  It is my mission to empower you, to realize your ability to create change, and to find the joy that comes from knowing that your small acts are making a big difference.

Today’s fashion industry is telling us that we need a new wardrobe every season, regardless of the impact this mindless consumption is having on our planet – not to mention the shameful violations of human rights caused by demands for cheap labor. With so many influences coming at us from all directions, it’s easy to get wrapped up in these expectations.

I challenge you to let go of these expectations and ask yourself what is most important to you. I challenge you to live in a way that aligns with your values, and to do more of the things that bring you the most joy.  I ask this of you because when you experience life as your most authentic self, you find a happiness that cannot be matched by material things.

I’m asking you to think differently, to act differently, to be courageous, to be the change, to #beBLACKSHEEP.